Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Cannot Come To The Banquet

I cannot come.
I cannot come to the banquet, don't trouble me now.
I have married a wife.
I have bought me a cow.
I have fields and commitments
That cost a pretty sum.
Pray, hold me excused,
I cannot come.

A certain man held a feast on his fine estate in town.
He laid a festive table and wore a wedding gown.
He sent invitations to his neighbors far and wide
But when the meal was ready, each of them replied:


The master rose up in anger, called his servants by name,
"Go into the town, fetch the blind and the lame,
Fetch the peasant and the pauper for this I have willed,
My banquet must be crowded, and my table must be filled."


When all the poor had assembled,
There was still room to spare,
So the master demanded: "Go search ev'rywhere,
To the highways and the byways
And force them to come in.
My table must be filled before the banquet can begin.


Please Search the Book Again

I dreamed that I had died and gone to heaven,
I stood just outside the eastern gate;
The Man from within said, "Have you been born again,
And is your name written in the Book of Life?"

Please search the book again; I thought my name was there!
I went to church on Sunday, tho' I never knelt in prayer;
Please search the book again; it's too late now, I know,
Please search the book again before you make me go!

I told Him all the deeds that I had done,
I told Him all the trophies I had won;
But the Man said to me, "Have you been set free,
And is your name written in the Book of Life?"


And then He turned and left me standing there,
I knew it was too late now for prayer.
Oh, my sinner friend, if you want to make it in,
Your name must be in the Book of Life.

The Value of One

Could it be that up in heaven, 
God is sitting on His throne 
Anticipating another sinner 
Will soon become His own. 
Years of wasted living and 
Years of toil and strife 
Are just about to be over 
As he receives the gift of life. 


Go sound the horn 
Strike up the choir. 
A sinner is saved. 
Saved from the fire 
No more in darkness 
He's received my Son 
All heaven rejoices 
That's the value of one 

The Holy Spirit has been working 
To soften up a heart 
All he needs is a willing servant 
To simply do his part 

Can you imagine up in heaven 
The joy there'll be that day 
As a sinner bows his head to pray 
Can't you hear the Father say... 

Start construction on the mansion 
There on Hallelujah Street 
He doesn't know yet what is waiting 
When the Savior he will meet... he will meet 


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