Tuesday, August 5, 2014

He's the Safehouse

Verse 1
He's a Friend so true,
Through thick and thin He still remains
A quiet guide to you
He's the safehouse from the enemy.

When the sirens blare
And your comrades fall
When all seems lost
Just on Him call.
He's the safehouse.

Verse 2
He tells us to go forth
That the gates of Hell will not prevail
Afraid we run to Him
Refreshed our souls find peace.

Almighty, Unchangeable God

Who spread out the clouds before Him?
Verse 1
Who fashioned the earth with His hands?
Who created the starry host,
And formed the earth at His command?
Who scatters lightning before Him,
Commands the rain and snow to fall?
Who makes the nations tremble?
Who is Lord over all?

He is Almighty, Unchangeable God,
King of kings,
Lord of lords,
robed in majesty.
He rules and reigns,
For all eternity,
Almighty, Unchangeable God.

Verse 2
He is like the light at sunrise,
Like the brightness after the rain.
Robed in splendor,
He’s seated on His heavenly throne above.
His glory fills the heavens;
He is exalted over all.
Yet this God of Heaven loves me
With an everlasting love.

Since He Rent the Veil in Two

Verse 1
Once our blessèd Christ of beauty
Was veiled off from human view;
But through suffering, death and sorrow
He has rent the veil in two.

O behold the Man of Sorrows,
O behold Him in plain view;
Lo! He is the mighty Conqueror,
Since He rent the veil in two.
Lo! He is the mighty Conqueror,
Since He rent the veil in two.

Verse 2
Now He is with God the Father,
Interceding there for you;
For He is the mighty conqueror,
Since He rent the veil in two.

Verse 3
Holy angels bow before Him,
Men of earth give praises due;
For He is the well belovèd
Since He rent the veil in two.

Verse 4
Throughout time and endless ages,
Heights and depths of love so true;
He alone can be the Giver
Since He rent the veil in two.