Friday, November 28, 2014

O Come All Ye Feeble

O Come all ye feeble, unfaithful and unloyal
O come, ye o come ye to join Pastor's deacons
Stand in the back, Brother Olson brings the snacks
Brother Coffman has the game on
Brother Darin is on look out
Hopefully we won't get caught while Pastor is preaching

Sing choir of four or five
Maybe 10 on Sunday night
O sing ye o sing ye the same song again
Where's Elise and Gena and who is the weird new guy
Someone call an ambulance
David is having an aneurism
And we can't hear the rest of them
So let's just make Ms Hollie sing a solo tonight

O leave all ye gay ones
Go and get your nails done
O leave ye o leave ye for a pedicure
Buy Robert a Big Mac
Teach Jackie English
O John Ward smells like perfume
Ishmael smells like taco's
Kala smells like Micah
And Chang ate a dog for Thanksgiving

Just Pray

Verse 1
I was discouraged when no answer came
See I prayed for years and I still saw no change
I was ready to give up on my wish coming true
But when I prayed that last time his power broke through

And prayer is just as big as God is
Prayer is just as strong as God is strong
Prayer can reach as far as God can reach
Don't ever give up just pray just pray
Don't ever give up just pray

Verse 2
We have been given a means to the throne
Of the one who's potential is yet to be known
There is no limit as to what God can do
So just keep on praying he;s listening to you

I Can Still Pray Through

Verse 1
Satan has been so near to me today
Trying to hinder in so many ways
I've had enough so I told Satan
Here is what I'm gonna do, I'm going to my Father
And see if I can still pray through.

And I bowed at my altar, I cried worthy is the Lamb
I said Father how I need you,
You know exactly where I am
Then something sweet stirred within me
And my spirit was renewed
Satan fled and I cried holy,
I can still pray through

Verse 2
As I approach the throne room
Satan said nobody's there
Accusing and lying saying no one really cares
My heart it was so heavy,
Then the Father came on the scene
Saying welcome to my throne room,
I'm still here, just come on in

Then something sweet stirred within me
And my spirit was renewed
Satan fled and I cried holy
Satan fled and I cried holy
Satan fled and I cried holy
I can still pray through

I'll Be There

Verse 1
I've planned a lot of things that I did not do
And I've dreamed a lot of dreams
That it never came true
But I've go my reservation
To that land beyond compare
When the roll is called up yonder praise God,
I'll be there

And it's not what I've done but what Jesus did for me
It's not where I go to church, but I've been to Calvary
So if I go by the grave, or I'm called up in the air
When the roll is called up yonder, praise God, I'll be there

Verse 2
There used to be a time I was afraid to hear
That the coming of the Lord it was surely drawing near
But now I'm longing for that day
When I bow before the Lamb
And when the roll is called up yonder
I'm gonna shout here I am

No Other Name

Verse 1
A man possessed by devils,
His body vexed with pain
The people greatly feared
For he would not be bound by chains
Yet at the name of Jesus,
The devils fled away
The people were amazed,
Just to hear the man then say

There is no other name like the name of Jesus
No other name to praise and proclaim
No other name to cling to, no other name to cherish
Jesus, no other name

Verse 2
No other name is given,
Whereby we might be saved
No other name could ever give
What Jesus gave
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Lamb who was slain
Jesus, Jesus, what a lovely name

Tell Someone About Jesus

Verse 1
Go tell someone about Jesus!
Be swift His command to obey
Proclaim unto all His salvation,
Go now, and no longer delay

Tell someone about Jesus,
Many are waiting to hear
Many are sad and discouraged,
Tell them the story so dear

Verse 2
Go tell someone about Jesus!
Go tell of His wonderful love
Go tell how He came from His glory
The home of the Father above

Verse 3
Go tell someone about Jesus!
Bring souls out of darkness to light
From byways and highways go lead them
To paths that are sunny and bright