Monday, July 13, 2015

With All My Heart

Verse 1
In this quiet place with You
I bow before Your throne
I bare the deepest part of me
To You and You alone
I keep no secrets for there is
No thought You have not known
I bring my best and all the rest
To You and lay them down.

With all my heart
I want to love You Lord
And live my life
Each day to know You more
All that is in me
Is Yours completely
I'll serve You only
With all my heart

Verse 2
You faithfully supply my needs
According to Your plan
So help me, Lord to seek Your face
Before I seek Your hand
And trust You know what's best for me
When I don't understand
Then follow in obedience
In every circumstance.

My Sister's Keeper

Verse 1
It's not just accidental that our paths have crossed this way
I believe divine appointment brought us here today
Cause we all need each other and we all need a hand
Together we can make it, together we will stand.

I will be my sisters keeper
If you fall, I'll lift your up.
While we walk this road together
He will keep us in His love.

Verse 2
Life gets complicated and faith is lost in fear
Sisters stick together through the laughter and the tears
And when you need a shoulder, I will be a friend
To carry you, to pray for you until our journey's end.

And though our life's are different
We share a common bond
The Father makes us family
And family makes us strong.

Aurora Baptist College Anthem

Verse 1
To reach a world with message loud,
We strive to learn and grow;
Our banner is the Word of God,
To the world God's love we show.
Our prayers abound with zeal and love.
One mighty army proud
To serve our Lord with sweat and blood
Till all His fields we've plowed.

Aurora Baptist College
Hold the standard high
With zeal and knowledge
Until the day we die.

Verse 2
Once more to tell His life and death,
And learn more of His grace.
The time we spent here lingers still
As we beheld His face.
Now to the fields we lift our eyes
Compassion fills our hearts;
The time is now to give our lives,
Before the church departs.

His Life For Mine

Verse 1
His heart was broken, mine was mended
He became sin, now I am clean.
The cross He carried bore my burden.
The nails that held Him set me free.

His life for mine, His life for mine
How could it ever be?
That He would die, God Son would die
To save a wretch like me.
What love divine, He gave His life for mine.

Verse 2
His scars of suffering brought me healing
He spilled His blood to fill my soul.
His crown of thorns made me royalty
His sorrow gave me joy untold.

He was despised and rejected,
Stripped of His garments and oppressed
I am love and accepted,
And I wear a robe of righteousness.

In Christ Alone

Verse 1
In Christ alone my hope is found,
He is my Light, my Strength, my Song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.

What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease.
My comforter, my all in all,
Here in the love of Christ, I stand.

Verse 2
In Christ alone, who took on flesh,
Fullness of God in helpless Babe!
This gift of love and righteousness.
Scorned by the ones He came to save.

'Til on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied.
For ev'ry sin on Him was laid;
All in the death of Christ I live.

Verse 3
There in the grave, His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain;
Then, bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the grave He rose again!

And as He stands in victory,
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am His and He is mine,
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Victory in Jesus

Verse 1
I heard an old, old story, how a Saviour came from glory,
How He gave His life on Calvary to save a wretch like me;
I heard about His groaning, of His precious blood's atoning,
Then I repented of my sins and won the victory.

O victory in Jesus, my Saviour, forever
He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood.
He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him,
He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.

Verse 2
I heard about His healing, of His cleansing pow'r revealing,
How He made the lame to walk again and caused the blind to see;
And then I cried, "Dear Jesus, come and heal my broken spirit,"
And somehow Jesus came and bro't to me the victory.

Verse 3
I heard about a mansion He has built for me in glory,
And I heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea;
About the angels singing, and the old redemption story,
And some sweet day I'll sing up there the song of victory.

The Judgement

Verse 1
All is still; heaven is silent, as the mighty judge ascends the throne.
The Book of Life is opened, as countless souls begin to moan;
From the throne comes a voice like thunder, "Depart I know you not.
For the names written in this book are the souls my blood has bought."

Verse 2
Faces turn as into that courtroom, comes the very seed of sin
He who was the saint's accuser must face the charges against him
With the fury of all the ages, that demon voice begins to cry:
"It's not fair, I almost had you, on Golgatha I watched you die."

But then Satan begins to tremble, as his fate to him was known
From the throne came the verdict, "The lake of fire will be your home."

Final Chorus
And I see every knee is bowing, every hand in honor is raised
Every voice to Him is lifted, "Thou art worthy, the Lamb be praised."
Angels standing at attention, as the redeemed begin to sing.
Heaven's ports resound the anthem: "You are our Saviour, Lord and King!"
Heaven's ports resound the anthem: "You are our Saviour, Lord and King!"
"Thou art worthy, thou art worthy, the Lamb be praised!"

Hark, Hark, My Soul!

Verse 1
Hark, hark, my soul! angelic songs are swelling
O'er earth's green fields and ocean's wave-beat shore;
How sweet the truth those blessed strains are telling
Of that new life when sin shall be no more!

Angels of Jesus, angels of light,
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night!

Verse 2
Far, far away, like bells at evening pealing,
The voice of Jesus sounds o'er land and sea,
And laden souls by thousands meekly stealing,
Kind Shepherd, turn their weary steps to Thee.

Verse 3
Onward we go, for still we hear them singing,
"Come, weary souls, for Jesus bids you come;"
And thro' the dark, its echoes sweetly ringing,
The music of the gospel leads us home.

Verse 4
Angels, sing on! your faithful watches keeping;
Sing us sweet fragments of the songs above;
Till morning's joy shall end the night of weeping,
And life's long shadows break in cloudless love.

Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken

Verse 1
Glorious things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our God;
He, whose word cannot be broken,
Formed thee for His own abode;
On the Rock of Ages founded,
What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation's walls surrounded,
Thou may'st smile at all thy foes.

Verse 2
See, the streams of living waters,
Springing from eternal love,
Well supply thy sons and daughters,
And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint, while such a river
Ever flows their thirst t' assuage?
Grace which, like the Lord, the Giver,
Never fails from age to age.

Verse 3
Round each habitation hov'ring,
See the cloud and fire appear
For a glory and a cov'ring,
Showing that the Lord is near!
Glorious things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our God;
He, whose word cannot be broken,
Formed thee for His own abode.

I Will Pilot Thee

Verse 1
Sometimes, when my faith would falter
And no sunlight I can see,
I just lift mine eyes to Jesus
And I whisper, "Pilot me."

"Fear thou not, for I'll be with thee,
I will still thy Pilot be;
Never mind the tossing billows,
Take My hand and trust in Me."

Verse 2
Often, when my soul is weary
And the days seem, oh, so long,
I just look up to my Pilot
And I hear this blessed song:

Verse 3
When temptations 'round me gather
And I almost lose my way,
Somehow, in the raging tempest,
I can hear my Saviour say:

Verse 4
When I come to Jordan's river
And its troubled waters see,
On the brink I'll see my Saviour
And I know He'll pilot me.

Monday, May 4, 2015

I've Got More to Go to Heaven For

Verse 1
I've been on my way to heaven, for a long, long time
And many things have happened, that's clouded up my mind
But I am more determined, to walk the narrow way
I've got more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday.

There's  a golden street to walk upon, a bell I'm gonna ring
A band of angels in the sky, I want to hear them sing.
There'll be a lot of friends awaiting when I walk thru the gates
I've got more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday.

Verse 2
I've been through the lonesome valleys, I've climbed the highest hills
I've known the joy of living, the center of God's will.
I've watched the angels come and take my loved-ones home to stay
I've got more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday.

What a Lovely Name

Verse 1
There's a name above all others,
Wonderful to hear, bringing hope and cheer;
It's the lovely name of Jesus,
Evermore the same, what a lovely name!

What a lovely name, this name of Jesus,
Reaching higher far than the brightest star;
Sweeter than the songs they sing in heaven,
Let the world proclaim, "What a lovely name!"

Verse 2
Through His name there's wondrous power,
Power to redeem, making sinners clean;
By His pow'r He cleansed the leper,
Opened blinded eyes, caused the dead to rise.

Verse 3
He'll return in clouds of glory,
Saints of ev'ry race shall behold His face;
With Him enter heaven's city,
Ever to acclaim "What a lovely name!"

A Very Special Grace

Verse 1
When my life is tested by a bitter trial,
When the tempter tries to tempt me  in my way,
Or when darkness dreary falls upon my journey,
Then Jesus gives a very special grace.

A very special grace in the time of my trouble
A very special grace just to see me through,
A very special grace that will heal all my heartaches,
And Jesus wants to give this very special grace to you.

Verse 2
Oh, I know that I am never, never worthy,
For my sins demand that I be punished too.
But I've heard how Jesus took my place on Calv'ry,
And that His very special grace will see me through.

The Broken Ones

Verse 1
Maggie came home one day with a raggedy, Raggedy Anne.
She said "Mama, look what I found in the neighbors garbage can."
It had a missing left arm, and a right button eye hanging by a thread
She carried it gently up to her room and laid it on her bed
With her other dolls.

She loves the broken ones, the ones that need a little patchin' up
She see's the diamond in the rough and makes it shine like new
It really doesn't take that much, a willing heart and a tender touch
If everybody loved like she does, there'd be a lot less broken ones.

Verse 2
Twenty years later in a shelter on Eighteenth Avenue
A seventeen year old girl shows up all black and blue
With needle tracks in her left arm, almost too weak to stand,
She says, "I'm lost and I need help", as Maggie takes her hand
And says, "Come on in!"

If you call her an angel, she'd be quick to say to you
She's just doing what the one who died for her would do

Friday, April 24, 2015

Not For Sale

Verse 1
What happened to that Preacher, 
Who used to Preach so strong. What happened to that singer,
Who used to sing our song. The Preacher's out selling Amway, 
That singer's now singing country. They sold out what is right for what is wrong. What happened to the church, 
That used to be on fire. What happened to the voices, 
That sang in the heavenly choir. Oh, The Church has now grown dead and cold, The choir is silent, Cause nobody goes. They sold out to the world and their own desires (Listen To Me) Chorus This heart belongs to Jesus, 
Cause he saved my soul from Hell. This heart belongs to Jesus, 
This heart is not for sale. Not for sale, Not for sale, 
No way no sir.
Verse 2 Well a man from California, 
Called a few months ago. He said boy with your talent , 
We can make a lot of dough. I said thanks for the offer it all sounds swell. But I belong to Jesus, 
And I'm just not for sale. Not for sale, I'm not for sale, 
No way no sir.
Verse 3 Well, If you're living for Jesus,
Friend, They'll come a day. That old Devil's gonna try 
to get you some way. He'll try you, And tempt you, 
With his lies straight from hell. Just say I belong to Jesus, And Devil I'm not for sale Not for sale, Not for sale, 
No way no sir.
Bridge I belong to the Lamb Of God, He purchased me with his precious Blood, I don't need popularity, I'd rather have what he gave to me. I belong to the King of Kings, He's my hope,He's my joy, He's my everything. I belong to the Lord God Almighty, I belong to the one who gave his life for me. I belong to the Lamb Of God, He purchased me with his precious Blood, I don't need popularity, I'd rather have what he gave to me. Some sold conviction's for compromise, Some have sold the truth for a pack of lies. Some have sold Testimonies for fortune and fame. I just want to Glorify and Magnify his name

No, No It's Not an Easy Road

Verse 1
It's not an easy road, we are trav'ling to Heaven,
For many are the thorns on the way;
It's not an easy road but the Saviour is with us,
His presence gives us joy ev'ry day.

No, no, it's not an easy road,
No, no it's not an easy road.
But Jesus walks with me and brightens my journey,
And lightens ev'ry heavy load.

Verse 2
It's not an easy road, there are trials and troubles
And many are the dangers we meet;
But Jesus guards and keeps so that nothing can harm us,
And smooth the rugged path for our feet.

Verse 3
Tho' I am often footsore and weary from travel,
Tho' I am often bowed down with care;
A better day is coming when Home in the glory,
We'll rest in perfect peace over there.

I Just Stopped By

Verse 1
My life has been blessed in so many ways
With family and friends day after day
But I can't stay here, soon I'll be gone
I just stopped by on my way home.

I just stopped by on my way home
I'm just passing through, I can't stay here very long
I must go and meet my Jesus all around God's throne
I just stopped by on my way home.

Verse 2
My heart is set on that heavenly shore
My mind is stayed on Jesus my Lord
Well it seems I can hear that heavenly song
I just stopped by on my way home.

This One Thing I Know

Verse 1
There are things I can'y believe, there are things I won't receive
For there's no proof they're so
Things I cannot understand, things I cannot comprehend
But this one thing I know:

I know He opened up my blinded eyes one day
I know His precious blood washed all my sins away
I know His peace sweet peace has filled my troubled soul
Yes, this one thing I know.

Verse 2
There are things about the Lord that are written in His Word
And all of them are so
It may quickly be discerned, that there's much that I might learn
But this one thing I know:

He Is Mine

Verse 1
Long before the fall of man, God designed a master plan
He exchanged the sinner for the sinless one
Jesus left His throne on high, came to earth to bleed and die
He said, "Father not my will, but thine be done!"

He is mine (He is mine) He is mine (He is mine)
I am blessed beyond all measure, He is mine
I am pardoned full and free, through the blood He shed for me
Saved forever I shall be, He is mine.

Verse 2
Through God's mercy and His grace, He's prepared for us a place
Words cannot describe the matchless beauty there
We will praise the perfect Lamb, King of Kings the Great I Am
He has made the joys of heaven ours to share.

A King and A Beggar

Verse 1
A King met a beggar on a lonely road one day
A strange occurrence took place as you will see
The beggar fell upon his knees and cried "Oh pardon me!"
"I am unworthy in Thy presence to be."

And the King looked at the beggar,
And He said, You've been set free,
Your sins are all forgiven, now You're born into royalty.
And so the King and the beggar walked arm in arm, you see,
That King was Jesus, and the beggar was me.

Verse 2
He who was rich became so poor that the beggar rich might be
The Son of God became the son of man
That we the fallen sons of man the sons of God might be
I can't explain it, God's wondrous saving plan.

Who Will Go to America

Verse 1
They left their homes in America,
To cross the ocean wide and blue.
They carried their cross not caring the loss -
So other souls could hear the truth.
But the light's grown dim in America
And sin will be our country's doom.
We need more preaching in America
For Jesus is coming soon.

Who will go to America?
Land of the red, white, and blue.
Who will go to America?
Tell me brother why not you?

Verse 2
Our Saviour sent his children forth,
To go to every land
To the islands and the uttermost,
To find forgotten man.
But the most forgotten mission field,
Is within our country's shores.
So who will go to America?
She needs Jesus Christ the Lord.


Monday, April 20, 2015

He Gave Himself

Verse 1
Before the fall of man,
God had a perfect plan.
To fellowship with us was His desire
But Adam disobeyed,
To sin became a slave.
Now a perfect sacrifice would be required
An offering must be made, the sin debt must be paid
So God and man can reconciled be
So Jesus said "I'll go"
Because He loved me so
He shed His blood to pay sin's penalty

He gave Himself
To pay a debt I could not pay.
When I was lost,
He gave Himself to be my way.
Though I deserved
To be upon the cross that day
In love He took my place
And gave Himself

Verse 2
No greater love is known
No greater love is shown
Than when one lays His life down for a friend.
But Jesus died for me,
When I was His enemy.
A love like this I cannot comprehend.

My nails were in His hand
My crown of thorns He wore
My stripes were on back
My heavy cross He bore
And when God turned His back
He turned it on my sin
Jesus won the victory that I could never win.

Nothing But the Blood Can Save the Lost

Verse 1
The church seems so different
From when I was a boy,
The songs they sing are not the same
As they were before
The hymnals we used long ago
It seems they've disappeared,
But I thank the Lord of the church,
And these hymns we hear.

At the cross, at the cross
Where I first saw the light
And the burden of my heart rolled away.

Verse 2
Now these new songs talk of Heaven
Worship and God's love
But there's nothing sweeter to my ears
Than that fountain filled with blood,
Well I guess I'm just old fashioned,
Like the songs of old,
But there's times I make it through the day
Holding to this hope.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Near the cross amazing grace
How I love to tell the story,
Because He lives, Jesus saves.
Pass me not. Draw me nearer,
To the old rugged cross.
These hymns simply remind us,
Nothing but the blood still saves the lost.

O precious is the flow,
That makes me white as snow,
Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
To thy precious bleeding side.

O the blood of Jesus,
O the blood of Jesus,
O the blood of Jesus.

Nothing but the blood still saves the lost.
Nothing but the blood still saves the lost!

The Old Path

Verse 1
Through the generations
Through the ages and the years,
Stood an ancient landmark
Throughout the history
Though some turned back and faltered
This truth they ceased to hold
There stood few men of courage
For our heritage endured.

We'll keep our course on the old path
Our ancestors ran before
Lifting high the cross of Jesus
Pressing onward t'ward the goal
With the Word of God we carry
And the standards we maintain
We will rise and take the old path
Till the vict'ry we obtain

Verse 2
We stand in the midst of battle
For the cause of truth and right
Putting on the Spirit's armor
As a soldier we must fight
Though some have left the old path
Who've quit the Christian race
By His grace we'll never compromise
Stay the course and keep the faith
We will rise and take the old path
Till the vict'ry we obtain

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Every Knee Shall Bow

Verse 1
Ev'ry knee shall bow,
Ev'ry tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord.
Ev'rything on earth,
Ev'rything in heav'n
Shall confess that Christ is Lord.

God has exalted Him
And given Him a name above all names.
Ev'ry knee shall bow,
Ev'ry tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord.

Verse 2
He is King of Kings,
He is Lord of Lords,
He is God of heav'n and earth.
He created all,
He is Lord of all;
His the name of matchless worth.

Verse 3
He is God's own Son,
He's the holy One;
He's the Savior of all men.
He is life and breath,
He has conquered death,
And He's coming back again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mountain-Moving Faith

Verse 1
I will trust in God; He meets my ev'ry need.
All I need is faith no bigger than a mustard seed.
I believe His Word when things I cannot see.
I abide in Him, His Word abides in me.

Mountain-moving faith, Lord, give me mountain-moving faith.
Plant in me the mustard seed of mountain-moving faith.
I will ask and never doubt; soon you'll hear the vict'ry shout.
Nothing is impossible with mountain-moving faith.

Verse 2
I will trust in God; He is the King of Kings.
When I call to Him, He shows me great and mighty things.
I delight in Him and bring Him ev'ry care.
He reward my faith and answers ev'ry prayer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Lord is My Light

Verse 1
Lights of the world, warm my cold heart;
Set me ablaze with Your flame.
Let others see Your light in me
That I may honor Your name.
Grant my desire, kindle Your fire;
Help me shine faithful and true,
Glowing each day, showing the way,
Lighting the pathway to You.

The Lord is my light; the dawn has broken,
Shattering darkness, showing the way.
The Lord is my light; God's Word has spoken,
Stopping the shadows, starting the day.
He goes before me, lighting the pathway,
Guiding my footsteps- how can my heart be afraid?
The Lord is my light and my salvation;
He is my strength, and He is my sight.
Gone is the night;
The Lord is my light.

Verse 2
Light of the world, shine in my heart;
Chase all the shadows away.
Show me the sin hiding within;
Cast out the darkness, I pray.
Fill me with light, give me new sight;
Help me see Satan's disguise.
Mold me anew, make me like You;
Let me see life thru Your eyes.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Thank You, Lord

Verse 1
Loving Shepherd of my soul,
Keep me close; I love You so.
Lead me where the waters flow
In Your rich green pasture.
Be my guide; I'm in Your care;
Keep my feet from ev'ry snare.
I will follow anywhere
You call me to go.

Thank You, Lord;
Thank You, Lord;
I will thank You, Lord.
In Your will
I'm content;
I'll not wish for more.
I will seek Your kingdom first;
I will trust all that You do.
Thank You, Lord;
Thank You, Lord;
I rejoice in You!

Verse 2
Shepherd of eternity,
All my future You can see.
Show me what is best for me;
I trust in Your goodness.
In the valley I'll not fear;
Through the storm Your voice I hear.
Your strong arm is always near;
I rest in Your love.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

We Salute You, Land of Liberty

Verse 1
God has granted freedom
To this land so fair;
May we show His goodness
To all people ev'rywhere.

We salute you, land of liberty;
You're the choicest land on earth.
We salute you, land of liberty;
You're the land of priceless worth.
Keep wide the gates of freedom,
To people great and small.
We salute you, land of liberty;
You are the greatest land of all.

Verse 2
Lift our nation's colors
For the world to see:
Stars and stripes forever,
The symbol of liberty.

Verse 3
Millions now have entered
Through our open door;
Here they found the freedom
That all men are seeking for.

Verse 4
Blessings without number
Fill this land of peace;
May we guard them closely,
That freedom may never cease.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Greatest Command

Verse 1
Though I have great knowledge and truth I understand,
Even though the mountains hear my voice and bow to my command,
Though men see my good works and though God sees above,
This will count as nothing without God's work of love.

The greatest command of all, the greatest command of all,
The greatest command of all my life is to love You, Lord, love You, Lord.
So increase my love for You, as this one thing I do.
The greatest command in all of my life is to love You, Lord.

Verse 2
Though I make great sacrifice and all men know my name,
Even though I speak to mighty crowds and angels spread my fame,
Though I serve my fellow man and serve my Lord above,
This will count as nothing without God's work of love.

Friday, February 27, 2015

We Are Gathered Together

Verse 1
We are gathered together in Thy name.
We are gathered together in Thy name.
Make our hearts as one as we praise Thy Son;
We are gathered together in Thy name.

Verse 2
We will worship together in Thy name.
We we will worship together in Thy name.
Make our hearts as one as we praise Thy Son.
We will worship together in Thy name.

Verse 3
We will sing praise together in Thy name.
We will sing praise together in Thy name.
Make our hearts as one as we praise Thy Son;
We will sing praise together in Thy name.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh, Worship the King

Verse 1
Oh worship the King, all glorious above,
And gratefully sing His pow'r and His love;
Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendor and girded with praise.

Verse 2
Oh, tell of His might; oh, sing of His grace,
Whose robe is the light, whose canopy space.
His chariots of wrath the deep thunderclouds form,
And dark is His path on the wings of the storm.

Verse 3
Thy bountiful care what tongue can recite?
It breathes in the air, it shines in the light;
It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain,
And sweetly distills in the dew and the rain.

Verse 4
Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail,
In Thee do we trust, nor find Thee to fail;
Thy mercies how tender! how firm to the end!
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.

Calvary's Blood

Verse 1
I carried a burden, a staggering weight,
And struggled for freedom but could not escape;
I trembled and cried at the thought of my fate-
What must I do to be saved?
I desp'rately searched for release from my pain
But found that man's wisdom was useless and vain.
Is there not a pow'r that can break ev'ry chain?
What must I do to be saved?

Jesus' blood flows from Calvary
Breaking Satan's pow'r, setting captives free.
Greatest gift of the greatest love-
Heaven paid the price with Calvary's blood.
Heaven paid the price with Calvary's blood.

Verse 2
I saw Jesus bleeding; the cross bore His stain;
The men standing by were all mocking His pain.
But then-yes, I heard it- He called out my name:
"Kneel at the cross and be saved."
I fell at the feet of the One hanging there.
"O Savior, forgive me," I cried in despair!
My burden fell off; Jesus answered my prayer.
Kneel at the cross and be saved.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keep My Eyes Fixed on You

Verse 1
Jesus, Jesus, keep my eyes fixed on You;
Jesus, Jesus, please control all I do.
When others look at me, let them see Your loving face;
Jesus, Jesus, I give You first place.

Verse 2
Jesus, Jesus, keep my mind fixed on You;
Jesus, Jesus, please make all my thoughts new.
When others look at me, let them know I am Your own;
Jesus, Jesus, I bow at Your throne.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Holy, Lord God of Hosts

Verse 1
Day is dying in the west;
Heav'n is touching earth with rest.
Wait and worship while the night
Sets her evening lamps alight.

Holy, holy, holy!
Lord God of Hosts!
Heav'n and earth are praising Thee,
O Lord most high!

Verse 2
Lord of life, beneath the dome
Of the universe, Thy home,
Gather us who seek Thy face
To the fold of Thy embrace.

Verse 3
When forever from our sight
Pass the stars, the day, the night,
Lord of angels, on our eyes
Let eternal morning rise.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Verse 1
Praise our God who reigns above,
Praise Him for His gift of love.
Jesus left His rightful place
To redeem our fallen race.

God with us!
Emmanuel, Emmanuel.
God dwells with us.
Emmanuel, Emmanuel.
Emmanuel, Celebrate His birth.
Emmanuel, God dwells on earth.

Verse 2
Sound the trump and wake the string.
To this babe your treasures bring.
Come adore His holy birth.
Heaven's peace is come to earth.

Don't Go Away Without Jesus

Oh, don't go away without Jesus;
Oh, don't go away without Him.
You know He is willing to save you,
Ajnd cleanse from your heart ev'ry sin.
Oh, yield to His offer of mercy;
Oh, taste of the grace He imparts.
And don't go away without Jesus
In your heart.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Be Still and Know

Verse 1
In the stillness of this moment,
In the darkness of this night,
I can hear a voice so tender,
I can see a wondrous light.

Be still and know that I am God,
Be still and know I am God.
Come find your strength in the quiet place;
Be still and know.

Verse 2
In the stillness of this moment,
Heaven's glory I can see;
Shining forth in brilliant splendor,
God's creation speaks to me.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Best Time

Verse 1
The best time to serve the Lord is now, right now!
The best time to serve the Lord is now, right now!
The way to serve the Lord and really know success
Is to always heed His Word and do your very best.
For the best time to serve the Lord is now, right now!

Verse 2
The best time to love the Lord is now, right now!
The best time to love the Lord is now, right now!
Give Jesus all your heart, your spirit and your soul;
Surrender ev'ry part, give Him complete control.
For the best time to love the Lord is now, right now!

Verse 3
The best time to live for God is now, right now!
The best time to live for God is now, right now!
Don't wait another hour; be faithful and obey.
Ask Jesus for His pow'r; why should you seek delay?
for the best time to live for God is now, right now!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Come, Bless the Lord

Verse 1
Come, bless the Lord, ye servants of t he Lord
Who stand by night in the house of the Lord.
Lift up your voice in the holy place
And bless the Lord. Come, bless the Lord.

Verse 2
Come, praise the Lord, ye servants of the Lord;
Praise His great name in the heav'n and the earth.
The Lord is good; He deserves our praise;
So praise the Lord, Come, praise the Lord.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

God, Give Us Good Men

Verse 1
God, give us good men,
Men who are great and strong,
Men who for truth and honor's sake
Stand fast and suffer long;
Brave men who work while others sleep,
Men who dare while others flee;
Men who build a nation's pillars deep
And strive to keep men free.

Verse 2
God, give us meek men,
Men who know how to pray,
Men who will worship God alone
And walk with Him each day,
Wise men who know the word of God,
Men who always will do right,
Men who walk in deep humility
And trust in God's great might.

Verse 3
God, give us bold men,
Men who have hearts ablaze,
Men who with broader vision
Seek none but God's own praise;
True men with great integrity,
Men whose hearts the Lord has won,
Men who live in humble gratitude 
For all that God has done.

Verse 4
God, bless our nation;
May she be always strong,
Trusting in truth and honesty,
In right that shuns the wrong.
Keep her from pride and anarchy,
Grant her wisdom from above,
May her people live in liberty
And thank Your for Your love.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Believe

Verse 1
Lord, forgive my years of sin,
Lost in unbelief.
How I long for peace within;
Grant me sweet relief.
Your salvation now I see.
Please forgive and pardon me.
As I gaze on Calvary, I believe,
Oh, I believe. Yes, Lord, I believe.

Verse 2
All my works will not suffice;
Great the debt I owe.
Lord, I trust Your sacrifice;
Wash me white as snow.
Nothing good have I to bring;
Simply to Your cross I cling.
Now I claim You as my King. I believe,
Oh, I believe. Yes, Lord, I believe.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Worship the Lord

Verse 1
Sing to the Savior a song of praise;
Come, let us worship the Lord.
Trust in His might, walk in His light-
Come. let us worship, worship the Lord.
Great are His wonders, and grand His ways;
Come, let us worship the Lord.
Heavens proclaim Jesus shall reign;
Come, let us worship, worship the Lord.

Let us worship the Lord, worship the Lord,
Come, let us worship the Lord.
Lift up your voice, sing an rejoice;
Come, let us worship, worship the Lord!
Son of Jehovah, yet Son of man;
Conquering Lion, yet suff'ring Lamb:
Worship, worship,
Com, let us worship the Lord forever.
Worship, worship,
Come, let us worship the Lord!

Verse 2
Sing to the God of eternity;
Come, let us worship the Lord.
He is the King; rise up and sing:
Come, let us worship, worship the Lord.
Sing to the Victor of Calvary;
Come, let us worship the Lord.
Honor the Son; Jesus has won-
Come, let us worship, worship the Lord.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lift the Name

Verse 1
Darkness veils this silent night,
Sorrow shrouds His birth.
Christ, the King of Glory bright,
Stoops to come to earth.
Down from honor to disgrace,
Down to take my place, my sinful place.

Lift the name of Jesus higher!
Shout His praise from sky to sky!
Lift the name of Jesus higher!
Jesus Christ is born!

Verse 2
Heaven;s holy child is born;
Christ becomes a man.
Silent angels gather 'round,
Waiting God's command.
Then before redemption's dawn,
Skies explode with song! Explode with song!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amazing Grace - Frank Garlock

Verse 1
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretched soul like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
My eyes were blind, but now I see.

Verse 2
God's grace has taught my heart to fear,
His grace my ev'ry fear relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The very hour that I believed.

Verse 3
Thru many dangers, toils, and snares,
By grace I have already come'
God' grace has brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me safely home.

Verse 4
Where we've been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the noonday sun,
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when the song was first begun.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alleluia! Sing to Jesus

Verse 1
Alleluia! sing to Jesus,
His the sceptre, His the throne.
Alleluia! His the triumph,
His the victory alone.
Hear the songs of all the Christians
Thunder like a mighty flood:
"Out of ev'ry tribe and nation,
Christ redeemed us by His blood."

Verse 2
Alleluia! praise the Savior!
He is with us even now.
Alleluia! we'll be like Him;
Faith believes, nor questions how.
Though the cloud from sight received Him
As He entered heaven's door,
We shall not forget His promise,
"I am with you evermore."

Verse 3
Alleluia! what a Savior!
Sing His praises ev'ry day.
Alleluia! Friend of sinners,
He has taught us how to pray;
He's the righteous intercessor,
He's the sinner's perfect plea;
We shall live with Him in heaven
Throughout all eternity.

Verse 4
Alleluia! Christ is worthy
To receive our grateful praise;
Since He is the great Jehovah,
We should serve Him all our days.
He is worthy of all worship;
Let our voices loudly ring.
Alleluia! sing to Jesus;
He's the everlasting King.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Molding a Masterpiece

Verse 1
Master Potter, why do You lavor all day,
Giving such effort to rough, worthless pieces of clay?
Why such feeling in Your hands?
Why such care in ev'ry touch?
Why all the struggle?
Your creation is nothing but dust.

I'm molding a masterpiece, a work of great beauty.
I'm molding a masterpiece;
My labor's not done.
A trophy, a treasure of worth beyond measure-
I'm molding a masterpiece, a masterpiece of love.

Verse 2
Loving Jesus, why are the children all here,
Gathered around You and eagerly clinging so near?
Urgent matters clamor loudly, and the children interfere-
Why do You hold them, and so tenderly dry ev'ry tear?

Verse 3
Heav'nly Father, sometimes I question Your way:
Why do You ask me to mold simple pieces of clay?
Give me eyes to see the future, though it's hidden from my view;
Give me compassion as I'm molding a treasure for You.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

God's Eternal Word

Verse 1
Feelings come and feelings go,
For feelings are deceiving.
My trust is in the Word of God;
Naught else is worth believing.

I'll trust in God's unchanging Word
For it will fail me never;
And though all things shall pass away,
His Word shall stand forever.

Verse 2
Though my heart should feel condemned
For want of some great token,
There is One greater than my heart
Whose Word cannot be broken.

Verse 3
How I love the Word of God;
Its promises delight me.
I search it pages ev'ry day
For strength and light to guide me.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

All That I Need

Verse 1
When I look around at all this world offers,
I begin to crave the things that I see.
I must keep my eyes on Jesus my Savior.
He has promised Heavenly treasure to me.

All that I need is my faith in Jesus.
All that I need is my home above.
All that I need is my Father's Mercy.
All that I need is my Savior's love.

Verse 2
All the pretty toys shine brightly around me.
All the pretty houses glisten and gleam.
Riches seem to offer peace and contentment.
That is just a lie, it's only a dream.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Without Him

Verse 1
Without Him I could do nothing
Without Him I'd surely fail
Without Him I would be drifting
Like a ship without a sail

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Do you know Him today
Please don't turn Him away
Oh Jesus, my Jesus
Without Him how lost I would be
Without Him how lost I would be

Verse 2
Without Him I would be dying
Without Him I'd be enslaved
Without Him life would be worthless
But with Jesus thank God I'm saved

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Higher Ground

Verse 1
I’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I’m gaining every day;
Still praying as I onward bound,
“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”

Lord, lift me up, and let me stand
By faith on Canaan’s tableland;
A higher plane than I have found,
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Verse 2
My heart has no desire to stay
Where doubts arise and fears dismay;
Though some may dwell where these abound,
My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.

Verse 3
I want to live above the world,
Though Satan’s darts at me are hurled;
For faith has caught the joyful sound,
The song of saints on higher ground.

Verse 4
I want to scale the utmost height
And catch a gleam of glory bright;
But still I’ll pray till rest I’ve found,
“Lord, lead me on to higher ground.”

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We Will Stand Our Ground

Verse 1
There are forces in the world today
Who oppose our Christian faith.
They attempt to destroy everything that's holy
And control what preachers say.
But God still has a few good men
Who won't bend, won't bow, or burn
They will fight to the end
To defend that faith
Until the day that the whole world learns

There are things we won't give over.
There are things worth fightin' for.
The book and the blood and the rugged cross
One faith, one way, one Lord.
When the world, and the flesh, and the devil press on,
And try to tear our strongholds down,
We will stand our ground.

Verse 2
Despite what the non-believers say,
Our God has never changed.
His word still means everything it says,
It is now and forever the same.
The world may think they have won this fight,
But there are some that can still be found.
Who will never give in, and will never give up,
We will stand our ground.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Something For Thee

Verse 1
Savior, Thy dying love
Thou gavest me,
Nor should I aught with-hold,
Dear Lord, from Thee:
In love my soul would bow,
My heart fulfill its vow,
Some off'ring bring Thee now,
Something for Thee.

Verse 2
O'er the blest mercy-seat
Pleading for me,
Upward in faith I look,
Jesus, to Thee:
Help me the cross to bear,
Thy wondrous love declare,
Some song to raise, or prayer,
Something for Thee.

Verse 3
Give me a faithful heart
Guided by Thee,
That each departing day
Henceforth may see
Some work of love begun,
Some deed of kindness done,
Some wand'rer sought and won,
Something for Thee.

Verse 4
All that I am and have,
Thy gifts so free,
Ever in joy or grief,
My Lord, for Thee:
And when Thy face I see,
My ransomed soul shall be,
Thro' all eternity,
Offered for Thee.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

He Is King

Verse 1
He is King, He is King,
Jesus Christ is King of kings,
And His power shall reign forever and ever.
He is King, He is King,
Jesus Christ is King of kings,
And His power shall reign forevermore.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to our King,
King of kings,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to our King.
He is King, He is King,
Jesus Christ is King of kings,
And His power shall reign forevermore.

Verse 2
He is Lord, He is Lord,
Jesus Christ is Lord of lords,
And His power shall reign forever and ever.
He is Lord, He is Lord,
Jesus Christ is Lord of lords,
And His power shall reign forevermore.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to our Lord,
Lord of lords,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to our Lord.
He is Lord, He is Lord,
Jesus Christ is Lord of lords,
And His power shall reign forevermore.

Verse 3
He is God, He is God,
Jesus Christ is God of gods,
And His power shall reign forever and ever.
He is God, He is God,
Jesus Christ is God of gods,
And His power shall reign forevermore.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to our God,
God of gods,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to our God.
He is God, He is God,
Jesus Christ is God of gods,
And His power shall reign forevermore.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

O Magnify the Lord

Verse 1
O magnify the Lord with me and bless His holy name.
Sing praises to His majesty and all His works proclaim.

O magnify the Lord
O magnify the Lord
O magnify the Lord
And bless His holy name!

Verse 2
We celebrate the Father's gift; O let the anthem ring.
With grateful hearts we welcome Him, Our Prophet, Priest, and King.

Verse 3
We come before the Father's throne and there our Savior greet.
We shout "Hosanna" to the King and worship at His feet.

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Song

Verse 1
Thou, Whom seraphs joy in praising,
Thou, Whom angel hosts adore.
Can my stamm'ring tongue be silent
When I owe Thee so much more.

So my song must swell the chorus
While the angels' praises ring.
I, a sinner saved and pardoned,
Have more cause than they to sing.

Verse 2
All undone by sin and evil,
Child of condemnation I,
Yet Thou laid aside Thy glory
And for me came down to die.

Verse 3
Heir of heaven Thou hast made me,
Bought me with Thy precious blood,
Took the form of man upon Thee
That I might be child of God.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Worthy of Praise

Verse 1
My heart overflows with praise to the Lord.
I will lift up my voice to the King.
He brought me out of the pit of despair
And taught my heart to sing.

Worthy of all my praise,
You are worthy of all my praise.
I bow at Your throne
And I worship You alone.
Lord, You are worthy, worthy of praise.

Verse 2
My lips sing His praise;
My heart feels His love.
His Word is a lamp to my way.
His mercy and grace forever endure;
His arms draw me closer each day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Home is God-Made

A home, is God-made,
With foundation laid
By His own hand;
It's like a little bit of heaven
For that is His plan.

Verse 1
There is no place like home,
So the song said long ago;
When Christ is the Head of that home,
Peace and love will overflow.

Verse 2
Everyone will agree
That the home has changed today
But if it's a Christian home,
It will never pass away.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Peace, Be Still

Verse 1
Their ship was tossed about
As the waves rolled high;
Their faith gave way to doubt
As they feared for their lives.
They called upon the Master
Who said unto the sea,
"Peace, be still,"
And the wind ceased!

He said "Peace, be still,"
And the wind and sea obeyed;
When He spoke, the storm was silent,
For He calmed the angry waves.
There's no need to fear
When Jesus is on board,
The Captain of my vessel
Is the Lord.

Verse 2
When storm clouds come your way,
And the waves roll high;
Just look to Him in faith;
He will answer your cry,
Your prayer to Him in silence
Will bring down Heaven's voice,
"Peace, be still,"
Trust in the Lord.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I Can Tell The World

Verse 1
I can tell the world
My Jesus has saved me
By His power He changed me,
And now I'm whole;
Marvelous grace
And mercy that sought me,
With His love He bought me,
And saved my soul.

Wonderful love,
Forever I'll tell it;
In Heav'n above
I'll praise His name
In this world below
I'll sing of the glory;
I'll tell the sweet story
How He made me His own.

Verse 2
I can tell the world
Sweet peace He has given,
And His love He has proven
On Calvary
Now I sing the song
Of "Amazing Grace"
How He took my place
And set me free.

Verse 3
I can tell the world
I'm going up yonder,
No longer to wander
In sin and alone.
Glorious to know
Because of my Savior
And His wonderful favor,
Heav'n is my home.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Called To Make The Difference

Verse 1
Everywhere you turn, men are ruining their lives.
They're searching for some happiness to fill their empty eyes.
Everyone needs a witness who will stand up unashamed.
Who will dare to make the difference?
Who will go in Jesus name?

I am called to make the difference in a world that needs to change;
I'm called to be a spokesman for the Name above all names.
Called to bear the cross of Christ, called to give Him all my life.
I will give my world a chance, and I will make,
Yes, I will make the difference.

Verse 2
I am not my own; I belong to Jesus Christ,
And I have found His peace, and joy has filled my empty life.
And now He calls, yes, He calls me gently to surrender all I am,
To go and make the difference, to take a loving stand!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Stand Redeemed

Verse 1
When I think of all my faults and my failures
When I consider all the times I've let God down
I am humbled at the grace He has extended
I'm amazed at the mercy I have found
I could never earn His love on my own
Yet every time I come before His throne

I stand redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
I stand redeemed before the great I Am
When He looks at me He sees the nailed scarred Hands
That bought my liberty: I stand redeemed

Verse 2
Even at my best I am unworthy
I have nothing precious I can give
A broken heart is all I have to offer
And yet it is a priceless gift to Him
The bitter mark of sin will never fade away
But I can come before Him unashamed

Friday, January 2, 2015

To Rescue a Sinner Like Me

Verse 1
I don't understand how a God so divine
Could lower Himself to a life such as mine
And consider me worth every minute of time
To rescue a sinner like me

When I think of my savior alone on the cross
I know without him
That my life would be lost
If he had not been willing to suffer the cost
To rescue a sinner like me

To rescue a sinner like me, Lord
To rescue a sinner like me
He abandoned his throne and his kingdom above
To rescue a sinner like me

Verse 2
My mind is so limited that I cannot see
The reason he died and arose just for me
So unworthy was I, yet he gave willingly
To rescue a sinner like me

To rescue a sinner as worthless as I
Yet he gave me a reason to sing
It's so hard to believe but it happened to me
Hallelujah to Jesus my king
My king

Come and Dine

Verse 1
Jesus has a table spread
Where the saints of God are fed,
He invites His chosen people, “Come and dine”;
With His manna He doth feed
And supplies our every need:
Oh, ’tis sweet to sup with Jesus all the time!

“Come and dine,” the Master calleth, “Come and dine”;
You may feast at Jesus’ table all the time;
He Who fed the multitude, turned the water into wine,
To the hungry calleth now, “Come and dine.”

Verse 2
The disciples came to land,
Thus obeying Christ’s command,
For the Master called unto them, “Come and dine”;
There they found their heart’s desire,
Bread and fish upon the fire;
Thus He satisfies the hungry every time.

Verse 3
Soon the Lamb will take His bride
To be ever at His side,
All the host of heaven will assembled be;
Oh, ’twill be a glorious sight,
All the saints in spotless white;
And with Jesus they will feast eternally.

Beyond the Cross

Verse 1
Needing strength for my journey, I knelt at the cross
Where Jesus once died for me
And I asked, “Is this the place where hope abides?”
And this He said to me:

“Beyond the Cross is a tomb that is empty
You won’t find Me there anymore
And beyond the tomb is life ever-lasting
And hope forever more.”

Verse 2
Then I sought reassurance and I went to the tomb
To the place where His body once laid
And I cried, “Lord, help me see. Is there hope here for me?”
And this I heard Him say:

Watch in the Garden With Jesus

Verse 1
If mist and darkness becloud life's day,
Watch in the garden with Him;
For gloom and shadow will flee away,
Watch in the garden with Him.

Watch for an hour with Jesus,
Watch in the garden with Him;
Rich blessings He'll share,
He'll banish your care;
Watch in the garden with Jesus.

Verse 2
If you are troubled with doubt and fear,
Watch in the garden with Him;
For clouds will rift and the sky will clear,
Watch in the garden with Him.

Verse 3
If you are burdened with grief and pain,
Watch in the garden with Him;
For thro' your tears you shall smile again,
Watch in the garden with Him.

Verse 4
Tho' cold and dark be Gethsemane,
Watch in the garden with Him;
The sun will shine out from Calvary,
Watch in the garden with Him.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Have Been Blessed

Verse 1
When He moves among us all that He does
All of His mercy and all of His love
And the pen of the writer could write everyday
Even this world could never contain
How I've been blessed

The warmth in winter the flowers in spring
The laughter in summer and the changing of leaves
The food on my table a good place to sleep
Clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
I have been blessed

I have been blessed God's so good to me
Precious are His thoughts of you and me
No way I could count them there's not enough time
So I'll just thank Him for being so kind
God has been good so good
I have been blessed

Verse 2
Arms that will raise a voice that can talk
Hands that can touch and legs that can walk
Ears that can listen eyes that can see
Oh I've got to praise Him as long as I breathe
I have been blessed

A father and mother who nurtured and raised
A brother and sister memories made
Our pastor to lead us the altar to pray
Stripes that can heal the blood that can save
I have been blessed

Verse 3
We live in a country the greatest on earth
Our flag stands for freedom and what it is worth
She stands in the harbor Miss Liberty calls
All have gave some but some have gave all
For me to be blessed

He's my shoulder to lean on when I am down
The rock where He leads me when I'm overwhelmed
The place where He hides me under His wings
He's not just a song He's the reason I sing
I have been blessed

Jesus Saves

Verse 1
The church has been silent
While the world raised its voice
In loud and angry tones they took the lead
But all across Creation
There’s a rumbling in the hills
As the chosen ones of God stand up
And make His message known

I’m gonna shout it from the housetops
Proclaim it from the mountaintops
Tell the world around me Jesus saves
I have made my choice
I’m gonna make a joyful noise
The world will hear my voice, Jesus saves

Verse 2
The rocks and hills were ready
To proclaim, “The Savior’s mine,”
But the Spirit of the Lord said they should wait
You see, God knew His children
Were ready to march on and proclaim His word
Throughout the land and seal the devil’s fate

Verse 3
But the world still tell us daily
That God is not alive
And Salvation’s plan is just a fairy tale
But their lies don’t change the truth
That Jesus died for you
And the Word says His returning
Can happen any day

We have heard the joyful sound
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Spread the tidings all around
Jesus saves, Jesus saves

The Hands of the Savior

Verse 1
I vision the hands of the Savior,
By them were the multitudes fed;
I see them outstretched to the children,
In blessing they laid on each head.

Wonderful hand, hands of the Savior,
Nailed for thy sake to the tree;
Hands that were used in service for others,
Hands that will ever lead thee.

Verse 2
In pity they lifted the fallen,
By them were the suffering healed;
They served at the tasks that were humble,
The sweetness of labor revealed.

Verse 3
They lead now the way to that City,
"Whose Builder and Maker is God;"
They'll never unclasp till we enter,
Thro' highways His footsteps have trod.