Friday, April 24, 2015

Not For Sale

Verse 1
What happened to that Preacher, 
Who used to Preach so strong. What happened to that singer,
Who used to sing our song. The Preacher's out selling Amway, 
That singer's now singing country. They sold out what is right for what is wrong. What happened to the church, 
That used to be on fire. What happened to the voices, 
That sang in the heavenly choir. Oh, The Church has now grown dead and cold, The choir is silent, Cause nobody goes. They sold out to the world and their own desires (Listen To Me) Chorus This heart belongs to Jesus, 
Cause he saved my soul from Hell. This heart belongs to Jesus, 
This heart is not for sale. Not for sale, Not for sale, 
No way no sir.
Verse 2 Well a man from California, 
Called a few months ago. He said boy with your talent , 
We can make a lot of dough. I said thanks for the offer it all sounds swell. But I belong to Jesus, 
And I'm just not for sale. Not for sale, I'm not for sale, 
No way no sir.
Verse 3 Well, If you're living for Jesus,
Friend, They'll come a day. That old Devil's gonna try 
to get you some way. He'll try you, And tempt you, 
With his lies straight from hell. Just say I belong to Jesus, And Devil I'm not for sale Not for sale, Not for sale, 
No way no sir.
Bridge I belong to the Lamb Of God, He purchased me with his precious Blood, I don't need popularity, I'd rather have what he gave to me. I belong to the King of Kings, He's my hope,He's my joy, He's my everything. I belong to the Lord God Almighty, I belong to the one who gave his life for me. I belong to the Lamb Of God, He purchased me with his precious Blood, I don't need popularity, I'd rather have what he gave to me. Some sold conviction's for compromise, Some have sold the truth for a pack of lies. Some have sold Testimonies for fortune and fame. I just want to Glorify and Magnify his name

No, No It's Not an Easy Road

Verse 1
It's not an easy road, we are trav'ling to Heaven,
For many are the thorns on the way;
It's not an easy road but the Saviour is with us,
His presence gives us joy ev'ry day.

No, no, it's not an easy road,
No, no it's not an easy road.
But Jesus walks with me and brightens my journey,
And lightens ev'ry heavy load.

Verse 2
It's not an easy road, there are trials and troubles
And many are the dangers we meet;
But Jesus guards and keeps so that nothing can harm us,
And smooth the rugged path for our feet.

Verse 3
Tho' I am often footsore and weary from travel,
Tho' I am often bowed down with care;
A better day is coming when Home in the glory,
We'll rest in perfect peace over there.

I Just Stopped By

Verse 1
My life has been blessed in so many ways
With family and friends day after day
But I can't stay here, soon I'll be gone
I just stopped by on my way home.

I just stopped by on my way home
I'm just passing through, I can't stay here very long
I must go and meet my Jesus all around God's throne
I just stopped by on my way home.

Verse 2
My heart is set on that heavenly shore
My mind is stayed on Jesus my Lord
Well it seems I can hear that heavenly song
I just stopped by on my way home.

This One Thing I Know

Verse 1
There are things I can'y believe, there are things I won't receive
For there's no proof they're so
Things I cannot understand, things I cannot comprehend
But this one thing I know:

I know He opened up my blinded eyes one day
I know His precious blood washed all my sins away
I know His peace sweet peace has filled my troubled soul
Yes, this one thing I know.

Verse 2
There are things about the Lord that are written in His Word
And all of them are so
It may quickly be discerned, that there's much that I might learn
But this one thing I know:

He Is Mine

Verse 1
Long before the fall of man, God designed a master plan
He exchanged the sinner for the sinless one
Jesus left His throne on high, came to earth to bleed and die
He said, "Father not my will, but thine be done!"

He is mine (He is mine) He is mine (He is mine)
I am blessed beyond all measure, He is mine
I am pardoned full and free, through the blood He shed for me
Saved forever I shall be, He is mine.

Verse 2
Through God's mercy and His grace, He's prepared for us a place
Words cannot describe the matchless beauty there
We will praise the perfect Lamb, King of Kings the Great I Am
He has made the joys of heaven ours to share.

A King and A Beggar

Verse 1
A King met a beggar on a lonely road one day
A strange occurrence took place as you will see
The beggar fell upon his knees and cried "Oh pardon me!"
"I am unworthy in Thy presence to be."

And the King looked at the beggar,
And He said, You've been set free,
Your sins are all forgiven, now You're born into royalty.
And so the King and the beggar walked arm in arm, you see,
That King was Jesus, and the beggar was me.

Verse 2
He who was rich became so poor that the beggar rich might be
The Son of God became the son of man
That we the fallen sons of man the sons of God might be
I can't explain it, God's wondrous saving plan.

Who Will Go to America

Verse 1
They left their homes in America,
To cross the ocean wide and blue.
They carried their cross not caring the loss -
So other souls could hear the truth.
But the light's grown dim in America
And sin will be our country's doom.
We need more preaching in America
For Jesus is coming soon.

Who will go to America?
Land of the red, white, and blue.
Who will go to America?
Tell me brother why not you?

Verse 2
Our Saviour sent his children forth,
To go to every land
To the islands and the uttermost,
To find forgotten man.
But the most forgotten mission field,
Is within our country's shores.
So who will go to America?
She needs Jesus Christ the Lord.


Monday, April 20, 2015

He Gave Himself

Verse 1
Before the fall of man,
God had a perfect plan.
To fellowship with us was His desire
But Adam disobeyed,
To sin became a slave.
Now a perfect sacrifice would be required
An offering must be made, the sin debt must be paid
So God and man can reconciled be
So Jesus said "I'll go"
Because He loved me so
He shed His blood to pay sin's penalty

He gave Himself
To pay a debt I could not pay.
When I was lost,
He gave Himself to be my way.
Though I deserved
To be upon the cross that day
In love He took my place
And gave Himself

Verse 2
No greater love is known
No greater love is shown
Than when one lays His life down for a friend.
But Jesus died for me,
When I was His enemy.
A love like this I cannot comprehend.

My nails were in His hand
My crown of thorns He wore
My stripes were on back
My heavy cross He bore
And when God turned His back
He turned it on my sin
Jesus won the victory that I could never win.

Nothing But the Blood Can Save the Lost

Verse 1
The church seems so different
From when I was a boy,
The songs they sing are not the same
As they were before
The hymnals we used long ago
It seems they've disappeared,
But I thank the Lord of the church,
And these hymns we hear.

At the cross, at the cross
Where I first saw the light
And the burden of my heart rolled away.

Verse 2
Now these new songs talk of Heaven
Worship and God's love
But there's nothing sweeter to my ears
Than that fountain filled with blood,
Well I guess I'm just old fashioned,
Like the songs of old,
But there's times I make it through the day
Holding to this hope.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Near the cross amazing grace
How I love to tell the story,
Because He lives, Jesus saves.
Pass me not. Draw me nearer,
To the old rugged cross.
These hymns simply remind us,
Nothing but the blood still saves the lost.

O precious is the flow,
That makes me white as snow,
Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
To thy precious bleeding side.

O the blood of Jesus,
O the blood of Jesus,
O the blood of Jesus.

Nothing but the blood still saves the lost.
Nothing but the blood still saves the lost!

The Old Path

Verse 1
Through the generations
Through the ages and the years,
Stood an ancient landmark
Throughout the history
Though some turned back and faltered
This truth they ceased to hold
There stood few men of courage
For our heritage endured.

We'll keep our course on the old path
Our ancestors ran before
Lifting high the cross of Jesus
Pressing onward t'ward the goal
With the Word of God we carry
And the standards we maintain
We will rise and take the old path
Till the vict'ry we obtain

Verse 2
We stand in the midst of battle
For the cause of truth and right
Putting on the Spirit's armor
As a soldier we must fight
Though some have left the old path
Who've quit the Christian race
By His grace we'll never compromise
Stay the course and keep the faith
We will rise and take the old path
Till the vict'ry we obtain