Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Home on High

Beyond the light of setting suns,
Beyond the clouded sky,
Beyond where starlight fades in night,
I have a home on high.

A mansion there, not made with hands,
A place prepared for me;
And while God lives, and angels sing,
That home... my home shall be.

Verse 2
Beyond all pain, beyond all care,
Beyond life's mystery,
Beyond the range of time and change,
My home's reserved for me.

Verse 3
Swift-flying worlds, their nights that roll
Far out on seas of light,
Will bring no darkness to my soul;
My home's beyond the night.

Verse 4
My sins and sorrows, strifes and fears,
I bid them all farewell,
High up amid th' eternal years,
With Christ, my Lord, to dwell.

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