Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I Will Pilot Thee

Sometimes, when my faith would falter
And no sunlight I can see,
I just lift mine eyes to Jesus
And whisper, "Pilot me."

"Fear thou not, for I'll be with thee;
I will still thy Pilot be.
Never mind the tossing billows;
Take My hand and trust in Me."

Verse 2
Often, when my soul is weary
And the days seem, oh, so long,
I just look up to my Pilot
And I hear this blessed song:

Verse 3
When temptations 'round me gather
And I almost lose my way,
Somehow, in the raging tempest,
I can hear my Saviour say,

Verse 4
When I come to Jordan's river
And its troubled waters see,
On the brink I'll see my Saviour
And I know He'll pilot me.

Deep Down in My Heart

When I opened my heart's door to Jesus,
He filled me with joy never known,
A joy that abideth forever,
'Tis centered in Jesus alone.

Deep down in my heart, the love of Jesus is singing;
Deep down in my heart, His peace and joy are springing;
Deep down in my heart, sweet hope its comfort is bringing;
Love, peace, joy, hope, are singing deep down in my heart.

Verse 2
He gave me sweet peace as my portion,
That turmoil or strife cannot move,
The gift of His infinite mercy,
His perfect, unchangeable love.

Verse 3
He gave me a hope never dying,
Of seeing His face some glad day,
And I on my way go rejoicing
With joy, peace, and hope as my stay.

Monday, April 17, 2017

O Listen to Our Wondrous Story

O listen to our wondrous story,
Counted once among the lost;
Yet One came down from heaven's glory,
Saving us at awful cost!

Who saved us from eternal loss?
Who but God's Son upon the cross?
What did He do?
He died for you!
Where is He now?
Believe it thou,
In heaven interceding!

Verse 2
No angel could His place have taken,
Highest of the high tho' he;
The loved One on the cross forsaken
Was One of the God-head three!

Verse 3
Will you surrender to this Saviour?
To His scepter humbly bow?
You, too, shall come to know His favor,
He will save you, save you now.

The World Says I'm Dreaming

The world says I'm dreaming, but I know 'tis Jesus
Who saves me from bondage and sin's guilty stain;
He is my Lover, my Savior, my Master,
'Tis He who has freed me from guilt and its pain.

Let me dream on,
If I am dreaming;
Let me dream on,
My sins are gone;
Night turns to dawn,
Love's light is beaming,
So if I'm dreaming,
Let me dream on.

Verse 2
My home in the glory is fairer than morning,
And Jesus my Savior will welcome me there;
No, I'm not dreaming! I'm awake, it is dawning,
His smile and His love I'll eternally share.

Verse 3
Oh, let me fight on for Jesus my Savior,
And tell of the love He so wondrously gave;
Preaching or singing, or living or dying,
In life or in death He is mighty to save.

Monday, January 9, 2017


They nailed my Lord upon the tree
And left Him, dying, there:
Thro’ love he suffered there for me;
‘Twas love beyond compare.

Crucified! Crucified!
And nailed upon the tree!
With pierced hands and feet and side!
For you! For me!

Verse 2
Upon His head a crown of thorns,
Upon His heart my shame;
For me He prayed, for me He died,
And, dying, spoke my name.

Verse 3
“Forgive them, O forgive!” He cried,
Then bowed His sacred head;
O Lamb of God! My sacrifice!
For me Thy blood was shed.

Verse 4
His voice I hear, His love I know;
I worship at His feet;
And kneeling there, at Calv’ry’s cross,
Redemption is complete.