Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Deep Down in My Heart

When I opened my heart's door to Jesus,
He filled me with joy never known,
A joy that abideth forever,
'Tis centered in Jesus alone.

Deep down in my heart, the love of Jesus is singing;
Deep down in my heart, His peace and joy are springing;
Deep down in my heart, sweet hope its comfort is bringing;
Love, peace, joy, hope, are singing deep down in my heart.

Verse 2
He gave me sweet peace as my portion,
That turmoil or strife cannot move,
The gift of His infinite mercy,
His perfect, unchangeable love.

Verse 3
He gave me a hope never dying,
Of seeing His face some glad day,
And I on my way go rejoicing
With joy, peace, and hope as my stay.

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