Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of IFB musicians who believe in the old paths. We believe in Holy Spirit conviction of sin. We are ready to stand for the truth no matter the cost.

Hope of Lyrics is a simple lyrics blog dedicated to powerful songs of the faith. We will continue to remain ad-free to give the glory to God. In no way will we use this blog to do anything but glorify God through music.

We believe that Christian music should hold to the highest standards of quality and content. We believe that our God is not a God of confusion. Song services that are full of mistakes and unprepared are definitely not filled with the Holy Spirit. And services that have not been completely prayed for and practiced with God's will in mind are also lacking in Holy Spirit power.

Each Christian should evaluate their life right now and ask what in their life they are quenching the Holy Spirit in. If your heart is being touched to stop listening to Christian rock, do not continue to douse God's power in your life by being rebellious.

If you do not feel conviction of sin regarding Christian rock, you should check your salvation.

We accept any and all types of requests. We would love to hear what lyrics YOU would like to see. The future is very exciting at Hope of Lyrics. Let's do something amazing.

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